Our parish based catechetical program for youth in 6th and 8th grade meets on Sunday evenings September through April, from 5:30 – 8 pm in the Spiritual Learning Center. We meet first in large group upstairs in the Wolters room before being dismissed to their grade level small groups.

Game Room

Jr. High has its own game room!  The game room is located in the B-wing and opens 40 minutes before class time. Come and play foosball, air hockey, ping pong, pool, or just hang out before Sunday evening class.

Snacks/ Social Time

Snacks and lemonade are served on Sunday evenings in the Wolters room 30 minutes before we begin our large group session.  Youth are encouraged to come early to form and build friendships and community.

Large group

“Class” begins in large group at 6:00 pm on Sunday evenings for all 6th and 8th graders in the Wolters room. Check In attendance is taken here. Weekly drawings and contests mean lots of opportunities to win interesting prizes.  We also play games; have guest speakers, skits, video lessons, monthly praise & worship, and other prayer experiences.

Small Group Time

Grade level small groups (classes) consist of approximately 12-15 youth and 2 adult leaders.  Students are dismissed from large group and move into classrooms for small group time.  Classroom attendance is taken here.

Catechetical Program

We use the CATHOLIC CONNECTIONS Parish Religious Education Program for grades 6 – 8 for our primary catechesis. This program has been approved by our Archdiocese and is in compliance with the Catechetical Framework for Lifelong Faith Formation. The hands-on learning sessions and activities offer a comprehensive overview of the Catholic faith that is correlated with the four parts, or pillars, of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. These pillars are: (1) The Profession of Faith, (2) The Celebration of the Christian Mystery, (3) Life in Christ, and (4) Christian Prayer.
The Catholic Connections Program Components are presented as:
• The Old Testament, the Trinity, and the Mission of Christ
(Part 1-A: The Creed: God, Revelation, and Faith; and Part 1-B: Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit)
• The New Testament, the Church, and the Sacraments
(Part 1-C: The Creed: The Church; and Part 2: Liturgy and Sacraments)
• Christian Morality and Prayer
(Part 3: Christian Morality and Justice; and Part 4: Prayer)
Grade 8 parent resources here
Parent Tip Sheet 1
Parent Tip Sheet 2


In addition to and as part of our Awakening program, Jr. High students have opportunities to grow in discipleship participating in these activities:

  • Peacemakers – Archdiocesan Event
  • Faith in Action Work Weekend
  • Canned Food Drive/Scavenger Hunt
  • Decorating Thanksgiving Boxes for distribution to area needy via the society of St. Vincent DePaul
  • Decorating Father Leo & Father Giovanni’s Christmas Tree
  • Vocation Night
  • Theology of the Body Retreat for 8th graders
  • N.E.T. Retreat for Jr. High
  • Souper Bowl of Caring
  • Archdiocesan Jr. High Youth Rally
  • Youth Stations of the Cross
  • Summer Camp

Who:  All Jr. High Girls, grades 6, 7, & 8
6-6:30 food in F-wing; 6:30-8 pm
St. Michael’s B-wing Senior room
Dates for Winter/Spring semester are:

A night out with “the girls” for food, fellowship, and faith. This will be centered around a book study format using the book Choosing Beauty by Gina Loehr and led by four high school young women. In this small group setting, the hope is to ignite the fire within them as beautiful sisters in Christ. Plans also include crafting, community service, and an overnight lock-in. Those dates will be announced at a later time.

Who:  All Jr. High Boys, grades 6, 7, & 8
6-6:30 food in F-wing; 6:30-8 pm
St. Michael’s F-wing
Dates for Winter/Spring semester are:

This boys night out will be led by high school young men and young adults. It will be centered on spiritual workouts, building up spiritual strength and training for living a virtuous life.  The theme will follow the study Boys To Men: The Transforming Power of Virtue by Tim Gray and Curtis Martin. In the ‘just guys’ time together, these young men will bond over some energetic games, grow in fellowship, and have some good old fashioned fun.  Books will not be required by the Jr. High youth.


Want see how much fun we had at Summer Camp?
Photos can be seen here